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Mythic Xavius

by Bitterst, 193 days ago

[US]57th / [World]188th
Looking forward to the future of Legion raiding.
Hopefully consumables aren't as expensive in the months to come!

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Demonic Gateway, like Raden 2.0
: Bitterst (MM Hunter)

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Mythic Archimonde

by Bitterst, 525 days ago

Finished the tier at US 85th with our recent Mythic Archimonde kill.
Great work and determination to pull ahead with the US-Thrall server 2nd on the last boss in Warlords of Draenor.
Are you also looking forward to progression in Legion?
Ascent is always recruiting excellence.

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When wet, Bitters rusts.
PoV: Bitterst (MM Hunter)

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Mythic Mannoroth

by Genetics!, 549 days ago

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Mythic Blackhand

by Mallagin, 703 days ago

Officially join the 10/10 club. We were able to down Mythic Blackhand last night. It was a sweet victory seeing as how we had a 478k (0.01%) wipe previously.

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PoV: Bitterst (BM Hunter)

PoV: Signat (BM Hunter)

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About Ascent

Ascent is a raiding guild located on the Thrall US server.

Thrall is part of the Stormstrike Battlegroup and is in the EST timezone.
We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs/Sun 7:30pm-11pm est.
We are currently recruiting for WoD Mythic raiding.

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